Blu-U for Acne

A drug-free acne treatment.

Clear skin is something we all strive for—unfortunately, acne happens to be the most common skin concern that people face. As an alternative to (or in conjunction with) topical and/or oral acne medications, SKiNWISE DERMATOLOGY provides Winnipeg patients with BLU-U® treatments to keep blemishes at bay and bring balance back to their skin.

How BLU-U® for acne works.

BLU-U® is a therapeutic blue light treatment which targets and destroys acne-causing bacteria—P. Acnes—within the skin. A gradual clearing of active acne occurs over a course of BLU-U® treatments which are usually scheduled twice a week for up to 6 weeks. Treatment sessions are quick and comfortable and entail no downtime. Patients can expect some dryness and flaking post-treatment. After an initial treatment series, BLU-U® can be repeated as required to manage acne flare-ups.

SKiNWISE DERMATOLOGY also provides personalized guidance on medical-grade skincare to enhance the results of your BLU-U® treatments and maintain long-term skin clarity.

Where to begin.

If greeting the day with blemish-free skin seems like an impossibility to you, we’d like the opportunity to change your mind. SKiNWISE DERMATOLOGY invites you to book a professional BLU-U® consultation. Our team of certified and dedicated skin experts will work closely with you to achieve your most healthy and beautiful complexion. Contact us to arrange an appointment today.