Eyelash Enhancement

The foremost at-home treatment for sparse lashes.

Lashes play an important role in protecting our eyes from environmental aggressors, but beyond their practical role, they also play an important part in how attractive and youthful our eyes are perceived to be. Is it any wonder that the beauty industry is rife with ways to lengthen, thicken and augment the eyelashes? For patients throughout Winnipeg, Manitoba, Nunavut and Western Ontario, the answer to naturally occurring darker, fuller and longer lashes can be found in an at-home eyelash enhancement treatment, such as LATISSE®.

How eyelash enhancement works.

A medicinal ingredient in the lash enhancement treatment has been shown to extend the growth cycle of the lash hair and stimulate the transition from an inactive growth phase to an active growth phase. This is what accounts for greater fullness and lash length with consistent nightly application of the treatment.

Where to begin.

Whether you wish to bring stressed lashes back to life, or achieve the lashes of your dreams, our expert practitioners will explain the proper application technique in order to help you realize the full benefits of the lash enhancement treatment. We invite you to book a professional consultation to discover how a lash enhancement treatment, such as LATISSE®, can work for you. Contact us to arrange an appointment today.