IPL Photorejuvenation

Manage rosacea and erase sun damage non-invasively.

This beauty innovation is no flash in the pan. IPL photorejuvenation is one of the most enduring cosmetic treatments available, recommended by dermatologists worldwide for its efficacy in managing rosacea symptoms and its ability to repair sun damage with minimal recovery.

How IPL photorejuvenation works.

The treatment involves the emission of intense pulse light (IPL) into the depths of the skin. The wavelengths of light penetrate the skin with heat energy, seeking out designated pigment in the skin.

When treating facial redness, the pulses of light focus on the blood plasma of dilated vessels. The vessel is coagulated as it absorbs the heat energy; the blood is then rerouted to functional vessels and the treated vessel is metabolised by the body. This results in a more even skin tone as skin ruddiness is reduced.

For brown spots, the melanin of the pigmented cells is the treatment parameter focus. Once treated, the destroyed cells darken and make their way to the skin surface to be shed away. Brown spots are faded to reveal a more uniform complexion.

In addition to the brightening and clarifying results for the skin tone, IPL photorejuvenation gently stimulates collagen synthesis, which helps to smooth fine lines and refine the appearance of the pores. During the recovery period, patients may experience redness and swelling along with the darkening of brown spots. The skin texture becomes rough and flaky as the treated cells are pushed to the surface to be shed away. The treatments pose little to no downtime, but cause photosensitivity, which requires patients to wear and reapply sunscreen daily as well as avoid prolonged sun exposure for a month after their treatment. A series of treatments may be recommended in order to realize optimal results.

Where to begin.

Are you noticing that days spent in the sun have caught up with you? Or perhaps facial redness from rosacea is in need of repair? IPL photorejuvenation offers a safe and effective treatment solution to brighten and refresh your skin. We invite you to book a professional consultation. Our team of certified and dedicated skin experts will work closely with you to achieve your most healthy and beautiful complexion. Contact us to arrange an appointment today.