Maintain smooth and youthful skin with no downtime.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to maintain glowing and soft skin with perfectly refined pores is with a professional peel. We offer Winnipeg, Manitoba, Nunavut and Western Ontario patients premium medical-grade peels that incorporate a range of hydroxy acids in varying concentrations to address skin concerns such as acne, aging, hyperpigmentation and dullness.

How peels work.

Peels work to detach the surface layers of dead and damaged skin cells to reveal fresh and vibrant skin. A professional peel has many positive benefits beyond resurfacing the skin, which include:

  • Correcting and preventing acne lesions
  • Fading discolouration
  • Softening fine lines and wrinkles
  • Refining pores
  • Activating cell renewal for firmer skin

Once the peel is applied, a tingling or stinging sensation may be felt. The peel is left on for a prescribed length of time, and once removed, the skin may feel flushed and slightly sensitive for a few hours following the treatment. Some patients will experience mild peeling after the treatment as the skin renews itself. The end result is a smoother and revitalized complexion. Peels can be performed as a series of bi-weekly treatments to achieve a specific goal for the skin. Monthly treatments are recommended for regular skin maintenance and age prevention.

Where to begin.

To explore the benefits of professional peels further, we welcome you to book a consultation. Our team of expert medical aestheticians is here to help you achieve your best skin. They will assess your skin condition and discuss your goals to create an ideal treatment plan for you. Contact us to arrange your appointment today.