A gold standard skin tightening treatment.

Youthful skin is firm and resilient…if only we could hold onto these qualities into our 30s and beyond. Fortunately, advancements in non-invasive medical aesthetics have made this possible through skin tightening technology. Patients in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Nunavut and Western Ontario can refresh and revive a tired look with Thermage® —a gold standard skin tightening device that delivers results in a single treatment.

How Thermage® works.

Thermage® uses patented Controlled Pulse Technology™ (CPT) to safely and comfortably deliver radio frequency heat energy into the skin’s depths. The matrix of supportive fibers in the dermis respond to this heat by remodelling damaged collagen fibers and activating the synthesis of new collagen, resulting in visibly firmer and tighter skin. The Thermage® treatment involves no downtime or recovery period, allowing patients to immediately return to their daily routine. The firming effects take place over the weeks and months following the treatment as the new collagen is produced. Skin tightening benefits continue to arise for up to six months post treatment, with annual follow up treatments recommended to maintain and enhance these results.
Thermage® can be used to tighten and smooth areas of loose skin and/or cellulite on the:

  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Jawline/neck
  • Upper arms
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen

Where to begin.

If you wish to smooth wrinkles, tighten loose skin or take preventative anti-aging measures, Thermage® is a trusted and highly effective solution to realize your aesthetic goals. We invite you to book a personal, private Thermage® consultation. Our team of skin experts will establish an ideal treatment plan for you. Contact us to day to arrange your appointment today.