The eyes are THE focal point of our face, which makes the aging changes that occur around the eyes all the more contentious. As the aging process takes hold, the aesthetic beauty of the eyes is diminished. The skin around the eyes loses its elasticity, causing the brows and eyelids to droop. Deep frown lines become permanently entrenched, and we appear stressed or troubled even when we feel at ease. When the under-eye area becomes sunken and hollow, dark circles are more visible and a tired look settles in. Fortunately, there are simple and highly effective solutions that can correct these signs of aging and refresh the look of our eyes.

How we treat the eyes.

For Winnipeg patients wishing to repair and correct the signs of aging around the eyes, our clinic offers an array of non-invasive solutions to suit your individual needs. The degree of correction required will figure into your ideal course of treatment and may include dermal fillers, eyelash enhancement, neuromodulators, skin tightening, Teosyal Redensity and at-home skincare. Our team of skin experts will work closely with you to create a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle and achieves optimal rejuvenating results for your eyes. Contact us to arrange a professional consultation today.

SKiNWISE treatments for the eyes.