The impact that long, lush and dark lashes can have on our appearance has led to a highly profitable industry dedicated to their enhancement. The myriad of ways that we enhance our lashes such as mascara, false lashes and semi-permanent lash extensions do much to improve the appearance of the lashes, but little to enhance the health of the lash follicle. Now, a breakthrough at-home treatment can make your natural lashes long, robust and richer in tone, in addition to rejuvenating the lash hair follicle.

How we treat lashes.

For Winnipeg patients wishing to improve the look of their natural lashes, our clinic offers an at-home lash enhancement treatment. Over a period of weeks, consistent nightly use of the treatment will yield the lashes of your dreams. Our team of skin experts will provide you with expert guidance on the correct application technique to achieve optimal results. Are you ready to bid farewell to time consuming, expensive and temporary solutions for your lashes? Contact us to arrange a professional lash enhancement consultation today.

SKiNWISE treatments for lashes: